Hi plastic surgery affectionados! I had my upper and lower eyelids “tucked” 3 days ago — and I’m at work today! (See selfie below.)

I feel great — I have my energy back, my bruising and swelling are going away and swelling are going away and I never had any pain (except my throat — see below).

I am so glad I had plastic surgery myself. Main reason — I can already see my more youthful handsome self appearing in my face. I love the fresh, alert look and I can see the color of my eyes for the first time in years.

Second, I know up close and personal what my patients go through. I know the inconvenience of keeping cold packs on my eyes for an hour at a time. I had a sore throat for a couple of days from the breathing tube my nurse anesthetist inserted for general anesthesia. From now on, haall my patients get stuff for call throat lozenges to soothe their throat after general anesthesia.

I also felt super dry after surgery – i.e. the “birdcage floor” feeling in my mouth. I found this was caused by an anti-nausea medication that I will never use again!

And it ain’t easy sleeping on three pillows. I think I was awake most of my first night — I could not get comfortable. From now on my patience to get Ambien for sleep the first few days. Can you see why you want to go to a plastic surgeon who has had surgery? They actually believes in the mental and physical healing of plastic surgery. And they know exactly how to make the experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

Stay tuned for the next episode of, “When a Plastic Surgeon has Plastic Surgery.”

From my H-Art,

Yale M Kadesky, MD