Plastic Surgery Center, Escondido CA

Yale Kadesky MD - Plastic Surgeon

My name is Yale Kadesky, MD. It has been my privilege and pleasure to solve esthetic problems for hundreds of patients over the past 32 years.

I call my practice the H-art of Plastic Surgery because I strive to create results that are “works of art.”

But being artistic is not enough. I also bring a caring and loving “H-art” (symbolized by the heart-shaped palette) to every patient I treat.

Please let us know how we can help you can solve your body and face esthetic problems from my H-art,

Yale M. Kadesky, MD

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
Member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Why we are different?

Dr. Kadesky has always said,” Do you want to make our practice 100% better? Then do 100 things 1% better.” And that’s what we do. From getting Dr. Kadesky’s cell number to call him directly 24/7, to receiving a “get well” card after surgery. And those reassuring calls the night and morning after your surgery. Just a few of the 100 things we do 1% better.

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Dr. Kadesky says,

I feel blessed to offer the people of San Diego County a repertoire of aesthetic surgical procedures in my fully accredited office surgical center.

Some words about us

We are a “healing” practice. Besides healing the injured self-esteem of people with esthetic deformities, Dr. Kadesky, as a Certified Wound Specialist,and heals many complicated open ulcers and wounds, skin cancers. Dr. Kadesky is also an expert on burns, having completed the Burn Fellowship at the UCSD Regional Burn Center. As a member of the Trauma Service of the Palomar Medical Center, he reconstructs facial fractures, repairs damaged hands, and saves the lives of patients with the “flesh-eating” bacterial infections.

As a member of the San Diego County Medical Society’s Project Access, we treat many needy patients for free. Unlike many surgeons these days, we accept MediCal because even poor people deserve healthy faces and bodies.